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New schedule for adjournment

April 15, 2010 | EDGE, GAC, GHPCO

The Legislature revised its previously announced calendar and now will finish the current session as follows:  April 20 will be legislative day 37; April 21 will be legislative day 38; April 27 will be legislative day 39; and April 29 will be legislative day 40, the last day of session.

Session nears end . . . almost

April 13, 2010 | EDGE, GAC, GHPCO

The House and Senate met on Monday, April 12 for the 34th legislative day.  By the afternoon, both bodies had passed a resolution schedule to convene on Tuesday for day 35, Wednesday for day 36, and next Monday for day 37.  They will determine on next Monday how the final three days of this year’s session will be scheduled.

Yesterday also was an explosive day in the Senate where Sen. Preston Smith (R-Rome) took the well to address what had happened to him earlier in the day — that the Senate leadership had stripped him of the chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee.  In his comments, he exposed a critical schism within the Republican party between those refusing to vote for a tax increase and those who did vote for such an increase in the form of HB 307, the so-called hospital bed tax bill.  How this public attack on his party will play out remains to be seen, but the issues he touched on are salient ones for this session — how to balance a state budget with so many issues still unresolved and just a few days remaining.  This is the sort of script which may take the session into the very last days of the month.  Add to this equation that qualifying for state elections begins on April 22 and you have the makings of some more drama.

With the budget being the big gorilla in the middle of the room, it would seem other issues are being pushed aside.  Not so, claim House and Senate leaders.  We are being promised passage of ethics, transportation, property tax, water, and other very important legislation.  So, with the remaining days ahead, all we can do is monitor and hope for the best.

New consent line of authority

March 8, 2010 | GAC, GHPCO

DM reports:

The Jacobs subcommittee approved the bill by Rep. Oliver to amend the current law governing persons who can authorize medical consent.  It nows goes to the full Judiciary Committee with a “do pass” recommendation.  Several strong advocate groups voiced support; e.g., hospital association, trial lawyers, & medical association.  Here is a link to the bill; look for latest version, since what passed is slightly different than original version.  HB 742.

GAC Update

February 4, 2010 | GAC

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