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Welcome to the Law Office of Demetrius Mazacoufa

Demetrius Mazacoufa, the principal of the firm, maintains a practice as both an attorney and a registered lobbyist.   With an office located in Atlanta, Mr. Mazacoufa is admitted to practice before all state and federal courts in Georgia.  His lobby work is centered at the State Capitol in Atlanta, with federal government relations responsibilities extending to Washington, D.C.

dm photoMr. Mazacoufa specializes in working with organizations which seek an attorney to act as their lobbyist before the Georgia General Assembly.  He has represented clients in Georgia since 1978 and has had a long and respected career working with all members of the Legislature.  His record of achievement is impressive and his experienced advice on issue on public policy is sought by a wide range of organizations — from health care associations to a variety of businesses.  He has testified before legislative committees of the Georgia General Assembly and the United States Congress.

In addition to his work in government, Mr. Mazacoufa has had a long career as an attorney, having practiced law in Georgia since 1979.  He has represented individuals, corporations, small businesses, and trade associations in cases ranging from litigation of general civil matters to probate matters to contract negotiations to resolutions of intricate health professional practices.  Part of his practice has been devoted to representing foundations and other non-profit organizations in all areas of work, including the obtaining for these groups the coveted 501(c)(3) determination by the Internal Revenue Service.

Mr. Mazacoufa has been recognized by many state associations for his dedicated, long-standing, and skillful work on behalf of the Georgia Nurses Association, the Georgia Dietetic Association, the Georgia Speech-Hearing-Language Association, and other similar groups.

Curriculum Vitae

  • University of Virginia – B.A. — The Jefferson Society
  • Georgia State University – M.A. — Fellowship, Department of English
  • Woodrow Wilson College of Law — J.D.

The author of many articles on legislative and legal issues, especially on the subjects of health care policy issues and health care laws.  The author of the book The Story of the Greeks in America, a sociological study of Greek immigration to the United States.

Administrative Law ~ Civil Practice ~ Government Relations